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Who We Are

Love Children Home is an Unit of MMI Trust having Regd.No.114/07, registered under SDM office at Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Love Children Home is registered under Juvenile Justice Act under the Directorate of Social Welfare


The Birth of LCH

I and My wife Sheba came to realize that these children need a parental love, care and affection. This created a great burden in our hearts to do something for these beloved kids despite our complete lack of funds.


Love Children


  1. We provide a neat and healthy accommodation to all our kids according to their age. All the rooms are furnished with tiles, with racks to store their belongings, provided with coat, bed and related things.
  2. We provide quality education to kids. We believe education and godly discipline is vital for making good citizen for our country.
  3. We provide hygienic food to all our kids at the love children home. Kids enjoy three times meal every day.
  4. We help grown up children to find self employed business for self sustainability.
  5. We nourish the kids  with self discipline to love God and Love people


When the tsunami struck these Islands in the year 2004, thousands of Children lost their parents and left alone orphans. Since we also experienced the massive killer weaves our hearts were touched by the cries of these beloved children who have no one in this world to look after them. We were deeply moved by the cries of these orphans of Tsunami; God inspired our hearts to take care these kids who have no hope in this world and give them a hope through the love of Jesus Christ.

Suicide is common in most part of the Andaman Nicobar Islands by which children are left without anyone to provide for and raise them. These children, as they grew up either became Drug addicts, prostitutes, thieves, alcoholics or were filled with anger towards everyone. God put a burden in our hearts to take care of such children.

 Divorce is a common word here in the Andaman Islands by which hundreds of Children become orphans while their parents are still alive.  In most of the case mother runs with another man and father runs with another woman by which there is no one to look after the children. We are committed to provide a bright future to such children and mold them as good citizen of our nation.

We Stand for Love and Care



  1. Feed them food, provide them Shelter, Education and bring them up as good citizens of our Country.
  2. Every orphan child who comes to the Love Children Orphanage should experience the Love of Jesus and to be a witness for Him as they go out from the orphanage.
  3. Discipline the children through the love of God and provide them a parental love.
  4. No child in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands should suffer for food, shelter, education and parental love.
  5. Service to the orphan is a service to God
  1. By praying for the good health and studies or kids in the love children home.
  2. By praying for the financial needs of kids food, education, medication and other daily needs
  3. By praying for the unfinished orphanage building, father to come through with the financial needs to complete the building.

Financial Needs

  1. Each child need $ 40 for monthly needs; which covers their food, shelter, medication and other daily needs.
  2. Each child needs $ 200 for a bed with mattress and pillow in the love children home.
  3. Each child needs $ 250 for their education annually. Which covers their school uniforms, study materials, tuition fees, transportation and project works?

Other Needs

  1. A children park for the kids to play and relax,  presently kids do not have any entertainment facility in the love children home
  2. One school bus for our kids to go to school. Presently we rent a school bus which is very expensive for us to bear.
  3. Need a blocks wall fencing around the love children home campus.


Love children home could not have been grown thus far without the sincere prayer and financial help of Godly people who loves orphans. If the Lord is moving you to help and support AN ORPHAN please contact sheeba by phone or email

As below: +91 is the country code. The city code and number follow.

Cell +91-99 33 250 397, +91 99 33 209 159






Every year Christmas brings joy and happiness to our kids, because this season is filled with lot of fun and happiness for our kids. Love children home was so colorful with kids decorating the campus with stars, light, art work, flowers and a beautiful stage for their dances. One week before they started the preparation and everyone was so excited to see they had the best celebration ever. We invited all the nearby villagers to come and celebrate the birth of Jesus. We had director social welfare as the chief guest. Our kids presented one hour cultural program with dance, action song and skit. It was a beautiful day of celebration, because our kids bore new cloth, there was joy in their faces and hearts with all the fun around. Towards end I gave a Christmas message and prayed for them. Finally we provided a very good Christmas meal to all the villagers. Also we have provided a special Christmas gift to all our kids, which brought a lot of smile and happiness to their hearts and faces. Thank you dear friends for your continuous prayer and support to our love children home in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


In the earliest Hindu mythology, The Ramayana, these islands were believed to be a land of Hanumans. Factual record of the history of the Andaman can be had since 1877 with the action taken by the British government to find a penal colony in the islands.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal were little known to the rest of the world before the British rule in India. Being the abode of some of most primitive aborigines, later under the British these islands came to be known as Kalapani or Black waters considered to dreaded and dismal place fit only for criminals and rift raffs. The British used these islands as a penal settlement to house serious criminals and political prisoners. Today the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a Union territory of India, headed by a Lt Governor. It is described as a miniature India, comprising of people from different parts of India. These Islands are an amazing racial and cultural mix. People of different religion, caste and creed live together in peace and harmony.



Bay of Bengal 92o to 94o East Longitude

6o to 14o North Latitude


8,249 (Andaman-6408 sq.kms.,



Port Blair


  1. South Andaman
  2. Middle and North Andaman
  3. Nicobar


1255 Kms from Kolkata, 1190 Kms from Chennai and 1200 Kms. from Vizag


Varies from Sea level to 732 meters (Highest Point - Saddle Peak) in North Andaman near Kalipur beach


Mean Minimum 23oC, mean maximum 30oCu

History: -

The History of the Andaman and Nicobar islands can be divided into four periods:

  1. The period of seclusion (Up to 1877)
  2. The British regime (1877-1941)
  3. The Japanese regime (1942-1945)
  4. The post independence
    period (1947 to until now)

Primitive Tribes

  1. Great Andamanese
  2. Onge
  3. Jarawas
  4. Sentinelese
  5. Shompens
  6. Nicobarese


Locals,          Bengali,     Tamilians,     Telugu,   Malayalees,    Bathus,       Moplas,       Ranchi,          Biharis,       Oriyas,     Coorgees,     Punjabis,    Valmiki,       Gujarathi,     Burmeese,  Karens.


The heaven, the water, the earth, the prism and the animals constitute nature. Nature gives pleasure, and happiness. People who love to enjoy the Nature with sand, sea, and greenish must make a trip to Andaman Islands which is the home of some of the best beaches


At the age of 15 he went to a theological seminary and spent five years in training. In the year 1999 he was appointed as one of the Assistant Pastors of the biggest church in India.  On 9th September 1999 God asked him, "Why can't he go to a place where the Gospel has not reached the people and where missionaries are not willing to go?" Immediately Pr. Raja responded, telling God I will go where ever you guide me." He left his comfort zone trusting in God alone on 4th August 1999 he sailed to Andaman and Nicobar Islands by ship.

As a young man having known nobody in these Islands he started His ministry.  But the Lord of all Comfort gave him the courage and mental strength to carry on the ministry through hardship and suffering.

2004 his wife sheeba joined him in the ministry. He and his wife, Sheeba began praying to know God's Will, during time God revealed his plan for their ministry very clearly. Having no one to support for their daily bread, there were days when they had no rice, no money to purchase the basis daily needs. It was a time of test faith in their lives. Pr. Raja and Sheeba began to realize God is on move in their ministry. God brought right people in the right time. Thanks to God for His faithfulness.

 Today God has helped them to plant churches in many Islands, take care of orphans and destitute, to feed widows, to help the unmarried, to conduct children outreaches, to train young men and women in the Discipleship school of ministry, to equip and train local leaders with instrumental materials and being a blessings for thousands of people in the Andaman Islands.

 Pastor Raja & Sheeba has a vision to reach all these Islands in our live time. Let us join in prayer with Pr. Raja and believe with him, we will conquer these Islands in a shortest span of time.

Pastor Raja Wilson was born in a Hindu Family where his mother was converted to Christian Faith at his birth. His mother had a desire to see her son work for Jesus as a missionary, so she took him to the church regularly. As Pastor Raja grown up, his mind was diverted to Indian politics. He desired to be a Politian and started to follow the political way of life. But eternal God had a grater plan in His life to be a revolutionary for him. At the age of 14 Jesus appeared to him in dream and called him for His ministry with a divine healing in his body.  By the Grace of God on 14th April 1994, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and dedicated his life for the ministry.  In the following week he took water baptism and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


Love Children Home is an Unit of MMI Trust having Regd.No.114/07, registered under SDM office at Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Love Children Home is registered under Juvenile Justice Act under the Directorate of Social Welfare having Regd. No. 106/DSW/13. We have been working for the welfare of orphans, destitute and underprivileged in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands since from 2006. Presently we are looking after 120 children in our orphanage giving them food, shelter, accommodation, education, parental love and care.

The BIRTH of

Love Children Home

I and My wife Sheba came to realize that these children need a parental love, care and affection. This created a great burden in our hearts to do something for these beloved kids despite our complete lack of funds. After much prayer and fasting, we took six orphan kids with us in a small rented house where we had only one bed room. We loved them, provided them food, shelter and send them to school, and begin to teach them the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the period of time we had to shift to different rented buildings, just because people were not willing to let their house for orphan kids. As the number of kids grown we were in desperate need of a building of our won. Our father in his great mercy provided us a very good land for the kids where we have constructed a home for these beloved children.

Today, the orphanage has grown up to 120 children through the prayers, help, and financial assistance of many Godly people who loves children. Our only limitation is space and a lack of funds to support them.


If you have any questions or want to know more, we welcome you to get in touch with us. Use the form below or the contact information provided. Thank you.

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